Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Entertainment Industry acclaims THE GOSPEL TRAIN video

Looks wonderful! Christian music is a huge market – Mickey Carroll, Grammy Award Nominee

FAN-TASTIC! What a great, feel-good little video! Thanks for sharing it with me – Dan Beach (former WGBH Boston Film Dept.)

Amen! Awesome! I'm still clapping! That was fun! Great job! – Paul Chepikian (Filmmaker)
Great job everyone!  Creative! I like the end where the train fades away........ but the smoke continues.  I like it all actually, good camera angles. – Myron Leggett (Photographer)
What a wonderful Christmas gift to us!  This is a toe-tappin', hand-clappin' video.  I can't wait to get something I can share with our friends!  Congratulations, Nadine and all. You do such great things! And Nadine did a mighty fine job!!! -Ada Vaughan (Producer, Director)
good music! good video! - Art Ayris (Producer)
Nice music, congrats. – Michael Hurwitz
It's really good. You did a great job. – Chuck Hall (Musician)

EXCELLENT PRODUCTION & PERFORMANCES!  Kudos to Nadine and the singer-musicians!!!  THANKS for sharing. – Marie Williams
Someone had shared the video with a woman last night and she said the combination of the music and the joy-filled video just made her burst into tears.  She said it has been a hard year and it made her realize that God is a God of joy and that we all have hope.  She just kept saying, "It’s just so beautiful".

That's great man! You guys did a great job. Great song and Great Video! – Greg Devlin (Producer)

Wow, your video is really great. Where is that train station and locomotive / passenger cars that you used for the shoot?? I hope you don't mind, I sent the link to a friend of mine who pastors a church up in Missouri. He really liked it! Thanks for sharing. Sincerely, Billy – William Carroll)
The video is out and it has been edited, synched and credited, and mind you superbly produced. In a 1950s era setting, the scene edits are tastefully peaceful and rhythmic and the music is toe-tappingly engaging. - Search Amelia Magazine

Bravo! - Robert H. Sanders
This is a wonderful video!! – Donna Feith

Awesome! – Thomas Wade Clayton
Love it! Makes me want to dig out some of my originals and hire you to produce one for me!!!!! – Lucia Fishburne (Florida Film Commissioner)

You guys did a great job – Pam Helton (Amelia Baptist Church)
Wonderful video, song and all.  Thanks for sharing.  Ralph Clemente (Founder of the highly respected Valencia Community College film program)

Good job. Quite a few participants to manage out on location. Good work getting it all done. Nice location for this kind of thing. – Don Rua (Filmmaker)

THANKS RICK quite nicely done Glad to see you and NADINE doing what makes you happy *)o(* - Barry Shankman (Owner/Operator at VOICE of MEMPHIS MUSIC)
This looks great!  Fun and a good song to boot! – John Olbert (Producer)

Please tell Nadine what a great video.  Everything was/is super!!!!  Thanks for sharing. – Monica Pomeroy (Memorial United Methodist Church)
Oh, this was wonderful!!  I forwarded to a friend of ours that owns a recording company in France. – Kathleen Maurer (Photographer)

Thanks for sharing.  Loved it!  "Toe tapping...", indeed – Jerry Prell (Company Member - Actor at California Repertory Company,Theatre Arts Teaching Associate at California State University, Long Beach,Actor, Voice Talent, Performing Arts Educator and Administrator at www.jerryprell.com, Performing Arts Instructor / Faculty Artist / Consultant / Personal Development Trainer at Freelance Facilitator, Dean of Musical Theater - Director of Admissions at Hartford Conservatory)
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  1. Wow! Joey and Jeanie, you are a hit! Not only is the beat of your music contagious, but the message is awesome and the people involved are wonderful souls.

    Talking about wonderful souls, each of the people who posted comments are wonderful in their own rights... and while most of the people who made comments had their profession noted, one incredibly talented musician (Marie Williams), was not. She is a fine Blues singer who lives in DC.

    Secondly, the Ada Vaughan (Producer/Director) is no relation to me (although we joke about being cousins!). She is an incredibly talented producer who lives up Canada way.

    Nadine Vaughan