Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Entertainment Industry acclaims THE GOSPEL TRAIN video

Looks wonderful! Christian music is a huge market – Mickey Carroll, Grammy Award Nominee

FAN-TASTIC! What a great, feel-good little video! Thanks for sharing it with me – Dan Beach (former WGBH Boston Film Dept.)

Amen! Awesome! I'm still clapping! That was fun! Great job! – Paul Chepikian (Filmmaker)
Great job everyone!  Creative! I like the end where the train fades away........ but the smoke continues.  I like it all actually, good camera angles. – Myron Leggett (Photographer)
What a wonderful Christmas gift to us!  This is a toe-tappin', hand-clappin' video.  I can't wait to get something I can share with our friends!  Congratulations, Nadine and all. You do such great things! And Nadine did a mighty fine job!!! -Ada Vaughan (Producer, Director)
good music! good video! - Art Ayris (Producer)
Nice music, congrats. – Michael Hurwitz
It's really good. You did a great job. – Chuck Hall (Musician)

EXCELLENT PRODUCTION & PERFORMANCES!  Kudos to Nadine and the singer-musicians!!!  THANKS for sharing. – Marie Williams
Someone had shared the video with a woman last night and she said the combination of the music and the joy-filled video just made her burst into tears.  She said it has been a hard year and it made her realize that God is a God of joy and that we all have hope.  She just kept saying, "It’s just so beautiful".

That's great man! You guys did a great job. Great song and Great Video! – Greg Devlin (Producer)

Wow, your video is really great. Where is that train station and locomotive / passenger cars that you used for the shoot?? I hope you don't mind, I sent the link to a friend of mine who pastors a church up in Missouri. He really liked it! Thanks for sharing. Sincerely, Billy – William Carroll)
The video is out and it has been edited, synched and credited, and mind you superbly produced. In a 1950s era setting, the scene edits are tastefully peaceful and rhythmic and the music is toe-tappingly engaging. - Search Amelia Magazine

Bravo! - Robert H. Sanders
This is a wonderful video!! – Donna Feith

Awesome! – Thomas Wade Clayton
Love it! Makes me want to dig out some of my originals and hire you to produce one for me!!!!! – Lucia Fishburne (Florida Film Commissioner)

You guys did a great job – Pam Helton (Amelia Baptist Church)
Wonderful video, song and all.  Thanks for sharing.  Ralph Clemente (Founder of the highly respected Valencia Community College film program)

Good job. Quite a few participants to manage out on location. Good work getting it all done. Nice location for this kind of thing. – Don Rua (Filmmaker)

THANKS RICK quite nicely done Glad to see you and NADINE doing what makes you happy *)o(* - Barry Shankman (Owner/Operator at VOICE of MEMPHIS MUSIC)
This looks great!  Fun and a good song to boot! – John Olbert (Producer)

Please tell Nadine what a great video.  Everything was/is super!!!!  Thanks for sharing. – Monica Pomeroy (Memorial United Methodist Church)
Oh, this was wonderful!!  I forwarded to a friend of ours that owns a recording company in France. – Kathleen Maurer (Photographer)

Thanks for sharing.  Loved it!  "Toe tapping...", indeed – Jerry Prell (Company Member - Actor at California Repertory Company,Theatre Arts Teaching Associate at California State University, Long Beach,Actor, Voice Talent, Performing Arts Educator and Administrator at www.jerryprell.com, Performing Arts Instructor / Faculty Artist / Consultant / Personal Development Trainer at Freelance Facilitator, Dean of Musical Theater - Director of Admissions at Hartford Conservatory)
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